Duratec® – The Best Fertilizer for Vegetables!

A vegetable fertilizer should ideally be able to feed the crop during the whole (or most of) the season to prevent extra costs associated with additional fertilization. Duratec® from COMPO EXPERT is such a fertilizer. 

DuraTec® is a partly coated and controlled release fertilizer with nitrification inhibitor DMPP (3,4-dimethylpyrazolphosphate), making it different from other vegetable fertilizers that only contain a controlled release portion. It is SOP-based and excellent for application in vegetables, fruits, nursery, landscape and turf systems. Thanks to the innovative controlled release technology derived from Basacote® and Stabilised-N technology (Novatec®), it has numerous environmental benefits, e.g. lower emission of greenhouse gases and a substantial reduction of nitrogen leaching losses. On the other hand, the unique 2N-technology (nitrification inhibitor + coating) increases the nutrient efficacy, which leads to better results with less fertilizer.

By adding two different nutrient release technologies, it supplies nutrients to the plant through:

  1. A quick release nutrients supply with stabilized Nitrogen through a nitrification inhibitor DMPP, ensuring an N supply over 6 – 10 weeks.
  2. A controlled release of all nutrients over 3 months though Basacote® controlled release technology.

This ensures a high nutrient use efficiency and high quality crops with less additional fertilizer.

DuraTec® double N- technology, double efficiency. The safest and most efficient nutrition for vegetables.

In trials done on potatoes in 2019 and 2020, higher yields and better size distribution was achieved.

In 2019 the same yield was achieved with Duratec® Top 14 (applied at 1200 kg/ha), compared to the competition product (applied at 1400kg /ha). To make the trial more comparable in 2020, both the Duratec® Top 14 and the competition product was applied at 1400kg/ha. A yield increase of 24% was achieved with the Duratec® Top 14 as well as a better size distribution and higher quality.

The diagnostic violet and green granules of Duratec® is clearly visible in the soil.

A clear difference in leaf colour between the competition and Duratec® treated crops

In trial done in Malmesbury on onions, a higher yield, less fertilizer use and higher quality crop was produced. On Lettuce in Philippi there was also higher profit and yield!

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