TerraPlus® Organic Fertilizers Will Do The Job.

Some challenges organic farmers face with crop nutrient management is:

  1. The nutrient density of the organic fertilizer
  2. Nutrient ratios to supply the crop the correct nutrients at the correct time during the growth cycle
  3. The ease of application 

Typical compost will have an N-P-K ratio of between 1.5 (N) – 0.5 (P) – 1(K) to 3.5 (N) – 1 (P) – 2 (K). These low nutrients are good to feed the soil, but the annual nutrient needs of crops are high and can lead to impractical volumes of compost needed. With a nutrient density (N-P-K) of up to 8-2-12 there are a lot more nutrients per volume in the TerraPlus® range, leading to less fertilizer needed.

It is also difficult to control the ratio of the different elements N, P and K. During a plant’s lifecycle, it needs different nutrients at different stages and TerraPlus® Natura can provide exactly that. TerraPlus® Natura N with an N-P-K ration of 8 – 1 – 1.6 is ideal at the start of the season to ensure good initial growth and TerraPlus® Natura K with an N-P-K ratio of 4-2-10 is ideal for later in the season for flowers and fruit. Blended, these two products have a fully balanced nutrient ratio. TerraPlus® Solub NK is a water-soluble product with an N-P-K ratio of 8-0-12 with micronutrients (Fe, B, Zn etc.) that can be applied either through the drippers or as a foliar.

Applying bulky compost is expensive and cumbersome. Not to mention the logistic and labour costs. TerraPlus® Natura is granulated (not pelletised). This ensures even distribution, even with a fertilizer spreader. It is also low in dust, ensuring less clogging of machinery and a friendlier work environment for labourers. The low moisture content of TerraPlus® Natura (6% – 7%) ensures no premature fermentation of the product, leading to nutrient volatilization and no unnecessary water that is transported.

TerraPlus® Natura and TerraPlus® Solub are the perfect products for a balanced nutrient program for your organic farm

Our TerraPlus® range are the logical next step in crop nutrient management for organic agriculture.

Organic vines planted in the heat of summer, after six weeks. Treated with TerraPlus® Natura N.

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