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Micronutrients act in limited quantities, but play a fundamental role for the biochemical processes of the plant. Their deficiency, which is only recognized in the acute phases, through alterations in the colouring of the leaves and the development of the plant, seriously compromises the yield and the quality of production. The availability of microelements is influenced by the chemical-physical characteristics of the soil and can vary significantly from area to area within the same plot. It is therefore necessary to ensure their complete availability through fertilization interventions.

Nutrimix® Complete and Nutribor® are the new generation fertilizers designed to correct and prevent deficiencies in extensive crops (wheat, maize, canola, cotton) and tree crops (olive, citrus and other fruit). The completely soluble and highly available elements include magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn), which strongly stimulate photosynthetic activity in plants, and boron (B), copper (Cu) and iron (Fe), which improve fruit set and pollen fertility.

Designed for foliar applications, they have important characteristics that maximize their effectiveness and superior performance such as: 

  • High purity
  • High solubility
  • High absorption capacity and translocation within plant tissues due to chelation.

Nutrimix® Complete

Numerous studies have shown the foliar application of micronutrients on wheat increased tillering ability, spike length, grain yield and the quality of the wheat. You can apply micronutrients as a foliar application with Nutrimix® Complete.


For boron demanding crops (oil crops like canola, sugar beets, cotton, etc.) and boron deficient growing conditions (sandy soils, high pH, etc.) use Nutribor®.

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