Duratec® – The Best Fertilizer for Olives!

DuraTec® is a partly coated and controlled release fertilizer with nitrification inhibitor DMPP (3,4-dimethylpyrazolphosphate). It is SOP-based and excellent for application in vegetables, fruits, nursery, landscape and turf systems. Thanks to the innovative controlled release technology derived from Basacote® and slow-release technology (Novatec® DMPP), it has numerous environmental benefits, e.g. lower emission of greenhouse gases and a huge reduction of nitrogen leaching losses. On the other hand, the unique 2N-technology (nitrification inhibitor + coating) increases the nutrient efficacy, which leads to better results with less fertilizer.

DuraTec® double N- technology, double efficiency. The safest and most efficient nutrition for your olive grove.


  • With limited leaching and volatilisation, a higher nutrient use efficiency is achieved.
  • DuraTec® is a soil applied insurance to the crop. If unexpected rain occurs, fertilizer will not be lost. Less frequent application equals less labour.
  • Thanks to the coated granules, and the nitrification inhibition it meets the nutritional needs of the crop at every stage and ensures better ammonia nutrition.
  • A high efficiency at lower doses means less product is used and a reduction in application frequency. Saving labour and fuel. 
  • DuraTec® prevents contamination of aquifers: it has a minimal environmental impact.

Experience with DuraTec® in Olive Groves

DuraTec® is like a long lasting battery, releasing nutrients slowly up to 3 to 4 months making it ideal for season long nutrition. Applied as a post harvest application, this ensures nutrient availability into autumn, a time when the olive tree roots are still actively absorbing nutrients. It is normal to find this coated product on the surface, with granules that have released all the nutrients and others that will be released soon, ensuring that DuraTec® is the safest and most profitable way to feed the olive tree.

The Nutrients in DuraTec® is balanced and adapts to the needs of the olive tree. DuraTec® is the fertilizer chosen by thousands of olive growers in Spain and Portugal for its great efficiency proven year after year and its excellent results in harvest performance.

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