Results with Novatec® stabilised Nitrogen show that nutrient use efficiency is key to higher, sustainable yields

COMPO EXPERT has proven once again that using our enhanced efficiency fertilizers......

COMPO EXPERT has proven once again that using our enhanced efficiency fertilizers, are not only good for the environment (with less leaching and resulting pollution), but also increases yield and assist farmers to be more sustainable. Following are some results obtained using our Novatec® granular and Novatec® Solub fertilizer range (stabilised Nitrogen; i.e. slow release) and NutriTrace foliar micro nutrient products. (Nutrimix® Complete and Nutribor® )

With demands from consumers to be more environmentally conscious and with less land and water to produce more, can you still afford not to use our enhanced efficiency fertilizers?

Novatec® Stabilised Nitrogen (slow release) granular fertilizers:

Novatec® Stabilized Nitrogen water soluble fertilizers

Arguably, the best water-soluble fertilizer in the world:

Nutrimix® Complete Results


From the above results, it is clear that COMPO EXPERT is the logical choice to enhance yields and be more sustainable.

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