Winter Vegetables are Essential

In these times with the corona virus pandemic, it is important to make an informed choice when deciding which crops to grow. Producers should make sure that they know all that is required to grow a specific crop and what the market demand is for various crops. Work together with your fellow farmers to ensure everyone can help supply the need for various vegetables without over stocking the market. When planning production for the coming growing season, the farmer should consider all information to his disposal (such as weather information, soil and water tests etc.) to ensure high quality vegetables. 

Vegetables form a vital part of the human diet because they are the source of many vitamins, minerals and proteins. Now, more than ever we need to ensure our vegetables are nutritious and their shelf life is prolonged. Good management practice from soil preparation to harvest to logistics is now paramount. In these times, the agriculture sector is playing an important role, not only for food security, but also for the country’s economy ( 

The Best Fertilizer for Vegetables?

A vegetable fertilizer should ideally be able to feed the crop during the whole (or most of) the season to prevent extra costs associated with additional fertilization. Duratec® from COMPO EXPERT is such a fertilizer.

By adding two different nutrient release technologies, it supplies nutrients to the plant through:

  1. A quick release nutrients supply with stabilized Nitrogen through a nitrification inhibitor DMPP, ensuring an N supply over 6 – 10 weeks.
  2. A controlled release of all nutrients over 3 months though Basacote® controlled release technology.

This ensures a high nutrient use efficiency and high quality crops with less additional fertilizer.

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